Wednesday, November 11, 2009

You know it's hot when ...

... even cold water showers don't cool you off.
... outside stops being an option and starts being a punishment.
... it's too hot to go to the beach.
... you get so sick of rabbit food that you cook a roast chook, just say to say 'fuck you' to the weather.
... partial nudity is suddenly acceptable.
... the ocean looks lower.
... suddenly everyone works for the Bureau of Meteorology.
... you start feeling a weeny bit tough as leather about exactly how many days of scorching heat wave you and all your fellow South Australians have endured ... from your air-conditioned offices.


  1. Don't give me that 5hit! This isn't hot!


  2. go outside to squirt your rabbit five times a day and he - always silent - GROWLS at you

    ...everyone suddenly becomes very interested in your husband's job

    ...thongs are washed as you're showering and plugging up the bath to slosh the water onto the lawn (for the rabbit to lie on when its in shadow);

    Gin and Tonics. Now there's an excuse to have them any time after 4pm!

  3. not to get all, 'that's not a heatwave...' on you, but whimps and whingers the lot of youse

  4. Shippy - ... in your air-conditioned office.

    Kath - Surely that's a typo? You mean after 11am?

  5. Third Cat - Waves crash and end ... whereas the desert *insert mystical sitar music* NEVER ENDS ....

  6. Ah, good thing I've just spent the last three days at a conference at a resort in batemans bay, my cabin a stone's throw from the beach.

  7. "scorching heat wave"
    That's the hot air that rises up to meet you as you walk along that little stretch of Magill road, wait at the lights, then continue along Portrush road, with the sun beating down (no shade) and the heat rising up off the concrete and bitumen, add the heat coming from the exhaust and slipstream of the big trucks passing. Thank goodness it's only about 5 minutes of my day. I hate that hot "cold" shower business too, especially now with the water restrictions I can't even stay under the spray long enough for the cooler water to start flowing.

  8. haha - true that. But remember 2007..? I did my days in the heat back then.

    Hence now my choice to move back into the office.

    What about Mojitos Kath?

  9. DK - We're all so happy for you.

    River - Water restrictions? Did you know that those restriction policies apply to about 4% of water usage in the state? Most of it on people's gardens?
    I say: shower away in righteousness and cool.
    Go on - tell them Franzy said it was okay.

    Shippy - Sounds great, cowboy.

  10. Franzy I'm going to have to pull your up on your last comment. While the domestic water restrictions only apply to 4% irrigators also have restrictions who use 75% of the states water. Try running a business using only 34% of a resource you used to have and then imagine the knock on effects in the community. You've got whole towns dying out there due to the lack of water.

  11. Jacobs - Well, I'm happy to stand corrected, or at least accept a chastising on behalf of food producers.
    I still say that River should be allowed a cool shower for ten minutes (20!) because over a week it still won't equal the mega-blasting going on in the suburbs to keep the gardens alive for up to six hours a week.

  12. I've settled for a quick sluice to get the sweat and dust off, then sitting in front of the fan with a wet sheet wrapped around. It's amazingly cooling.

  13. Looks like I was wrong, it is actually a 48% allocation. My mistake.
    Agreed with your comments about the pouring of water onto gardens. Maybe we should all shower in the petunias.


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