Monday, July 13, 2009

Like having an injection in reverse

They drill the wires into your bone using a hollow drill-bit and hammering the steel in. The Jurgen Balls are just for protection. The doctor had them off using a multi-tool clipped to his belt.
He pulled the wires out using just a pair of pliers from Bunnings bunged through an autoclave.
"Okay mate, just lie down here and hold still."
"No anaesthetic?"
"Nah. This is quite uncomfortable."
A tradesman who came through work recently knew all about K wires and Jurgen Balls because his wife had had some jammed down her finger-tip.
"She said getting it pulled it out was the single most painful experience of her life. And she's had two kids!"
"Thanks, mate. Just what I wanted to hear."
"Well, it was a bit infected ..."
The doctor gripped my wrist in one hand, tucked my arm under his and pulled the wire straight out of the bone like a stubborn wine cork. I almost expected to hear a 'pop' when the thing came out. I certainly felt like a drink afterwards. A pale-faced intern asked me if I was all right.
"I'm okay. Are you?"
"Not really," he admitted. "I think I might just go and sit down."
Which he then did.


  1. I'm not afraid of needles. I'll watch with curiosity while they stick me. Just don't make me watch someone else getting their shot. That I can't stand.

    Thankfully I've yet to experience pain greater than that which my imagination can conjure. I'm so glad I don't have a uterus.

  2. I took all the skin off my neck when I was 6ix in a rather worrying accident involving wire, and I still said ouch...

  3. Sooks, all of you.

    If you can't sit there an laugh at the pain you have to sometimes indure, then you have no right to have got yourself influenced by the pain in the first place.

    Ok, that was sarcasm, and sarcasm in writing seems to be very ineffective.

    I'm with Mr Kinsman on the uterus comment.

    P.s. Chicks dig scars Franzy, I hope there's at least something (a bone deformation) to show how badly you injured yourself..? I make sure all my knuckles produce a larger knuckle after encountering a hockey incident.

  4. Kath - Usually with those things if you're not sitting down beforehand, you are afterwards.

    Dan - My current pain champion is still the northern Queensland jellyfish tentacle wrapped around my neck.

    River - More like 'Ooahhwhatareyoudoinghehehehow'

    Miles - Good to see you! Sounds like someone was being a naughty boy ....

    Shippy - "you have no right to have got yourself influenced by the pain in the first place".
    I dare you to run around a few maternity wards yelling that.

    ps. No wonder your knuckles drag. Nope - no scars, just to pissweak dots I'm attempting to pass off as snake-bights.

  5. Oh yeah, wasn't meant to be relating to Birth.

    But it does raise the issue in the local rag/tv about the Epidural.


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