Tuesday, August 10, 2010

If an Adelaidian wants to shake your hand ...

Listening to the one o'clock ABC news:

Penny Wong promises water.
Tony Abbott promises about the same.
An Adelaide bishop weighs in on politics (Since when was this okay?!?) (Obviously no link = no relevance)
An Adelaide school student found with wondering the corridors with a samurai sword ...
after being suspended for threatening to shoot people
A(nother) house shot at this morning.
A woman faces court for breaking into her ex-boyfriend's house with cable ties, a knife and syringe of insulin. (I wish I could find a link for this one)

Me: That's the news around here these days: national story, national story, fifteen minutes of the Hourly Psycho Roundup!
Mele: They're not psychos. They just don't get along in a very Adelaide way.

Well said, my darling.


  1. Do you want me to reach over and hit the radio producer on the head...?

  2. Amazing how they've all suddenly discovered the Murray is in dire straits and something must be done. I'll be watching AFTER the election to see if anything come of these promises.

  3. Moifey - Careful, buddy. We are in Adelaide after all. It might be your last conscious act on this earth.

    River - I'm not even sure the promises are worth that much NOW. Everyone seems slightly relieved that the Murray IS so screwed because they don't have to do anything about it, not really. It's all about 'saving' and 'fixing', rather than 'returning to its former glory'.

  4. Mele seems like a very wise and very perceptive woman.

    It reminds me of a chat on 'Gruen' last night where the Kevin07 guy sent a minion out to chat to locals about dental plans and mortgages, only to see the promo van get egged and have the SMS say: "The people out here don't have mortgages. Or teeth."

  5. Was that student wandering while he was wondering ?? - or was he just standing there whilst wondering - as you do

  6. And Franzy's dad bait scores another strike!
    Aren't you bored of getting hooked into the grammar boat again?

  7. And Franzy lands another fish in the grammar boat!

  8. Who are you calling a dead beat? You wanna step overboard and say that?


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