Monday, August 3, 2009

In case you missed it

I'd like to take a break from my prose-less journey through the life of Tony Smith to express my jaw-swinging flabergastedness at The Age's insistence on skin. I've probably said it before, but it is impossible to look at, without seeing what the medical profession refers to as 'a bit of tit'.

Go ahead, zip over there right now, I'll wait. You are going to see cleveage, side-boob, bikini-stretch or just plain old chestage. Failing that, you'll definitely get a crotch, some thigh or, if the puritans are webmastering, the full-face model pout. But not often. For a news outlet, they certainly don't trust their readers to hang around for news. They have to insert some kind of female skin into the picture, just to be sure you come back.

Take this morning's Lifestyle section image and bear in mind that I haven't doctored it any way.
"What's this?"
"It's this morning's front page image for the Lifestyle section online."
"Hmm. Too subtle."
"People are going to miss the point. They will drain away from The Age and go and read The Onion or Crikey or something."
"Should I put a title on the picture or something? Let people know it's a fashion show?"
"No. No no no. See this section here?"
"Yeah ..."
"Drag across. Yep. Now enhance. Bigger. That's it. Now closer. Closer. Perfect. Now whack it right here, alongside the original."
"But isn't that a bit ... much? I mean why zoom in on the, uh, 'most important part' if you're going to leave the original there?"
"Are you kidding? We're not smut-merchants! Our readers just want a closer look."
"At this woman's cans."
"You'll go far."


  1. Well, for one, seeing what kind of Google searches wind up here ...

    I'm getting bit bored with only those looking for "sneaky men fuckers" winding up on my post about the guy on the third date ordering a pineapple juice.

  2. I don't read The Age. Never have. I prefer fiction novels to real news. I'm such a shallow non-caring person.

  3. P.S. I believe those boobs are artificially enhanced. No natural boob has that clearly defined circular outline on the chest wall. (That should bring you a few google searches.)Imagine the model at 75 or 80. Skin sags, silicone lasts forever....

  4. Those boobs look less realistic than Michael Jackson's nose!

    ...but wait, that wasn't the point you were making, was it?

  5. River - Well, you should sit up and take an interest in the world.
    Of boobs.

    Kath - I didn't even notice!

  6. how does the time thingy work on these ,,, or are you all up blogging away in the early AMs? your mother

  7. how does the time thingy work on these ,,, or are you all up blogging away in the early AMs?

  8. mmm... Boobs.

    Jacko's nose was fake, but it didn't mean he couldn't sing.

  9. I should take an interest in the world of boobs???

  10. I just checked the site now and it's definitely some homoerotic AFL action going on. I can't fault your logic.


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