Friday, September 12, 2008

Then there was the time I decided to spice up the beef stir fry with some cumin and discovered just how poorly the edge of your vision is able to distinguish between the words 'cumin' and 'cinnamon' when you are rifling through the spice cupboard with one eye on an ex-non-stick fry pan.


  1. And thus, a hilarious sitcom episode took shape?

    It's got all the ingredients! (Oh stop it, Channel 9 voice over man)

  2. When my mum teaches her students the difference between tea and table spoons I am the cited example due to a famous incident regarding baking soda and a banana cake.

  3. CINNAMON should never, repeat, NEVER be in your spice rack with the savoury ones you use on your stove top.

    Instead it should be hidden in your cupboard or pantry, dust-covered, next to the bicarb soda, custard powder and 'cream of tartar' that you can't even remember buying.

    Nice to see that your sentences are now increasing in length in your second week.

  4. Ya hafta separate ya spices! Sweet to the left of the cupboard, savoury/spicy/hot to the other side. Or ask your kitchen partner to please find you the cumin while you stirfry the beef....
    How did the cinnamon beef taste?

  5. Huh? Cinnamon should be hidden? Why please Kath.? Don't you use it for anything at all?

  6. Miles - Just whhhen yyyou thought you knew the perils of your own kitchen ... tune in at 6:30 tonight to find out!

    I've probably mentioned this before, but I have a recurring, deeply-sexual fantasy about listening to the male and female voice over artists from Channel Ten having loud, demonstrative, angry sex.

    Oooh yeah ...

    Brocky - Ah. Thanks, Mum.

    Kath - Fuck me! Spice rack? Savoury spices? Well la dee da Mademoiselle Lawson! I've never had a spice rack! I just have to make sure I win the inevitably enormous argument which occurs at each new house which allows me to put the spices and sauceson the shelf above the stove, instead of hidden across the room in a tidy little cupboard.
    This house however, only had one of those cupboards, so at least I was there first and able to move all my stuff in to where I liked ...

    River - And same to you! Separating spices? Who ever heard of such things? That's what the labels are for. Or should be for.
    I plastered the beef with more sambal oelek, soy and ginger and most of the taste came out.
    Most of it ...

  7. you were in the unenviable position to confirm that:

    we'll build our walls of aluminium
    we'll fill our mouths with cinnamon

    was just poetic license by The Decemberists in their song 'Sons and Daughters' and neither is actually a structurally sound, nor culinarily wise, move.

  8. Tune in tonight for the spicy new comedy with all the right ingredients! The Mixing Bowl, tonight on 10...

    Then Corrinne Grant pushes a blue dot, and a press release comes out saying although no one watched, the 18-39 demographic was through the roof.

    That's how it works innit?

  9. Isn't Cinnamon just one of the five spices in 5-spice powder?

    You could have just up'ed the stakes with the other 4, thrown in some more beef and viola!

    Dinner saved!

    ...Just refrigerate what's left to eat for the next two weeks...

  10. Miles - At the sexy new time of 9:30!

    TooS - With the benefit of hindsight and without the curse of jumping around the kitchen yelling "fuck oh fuck my fucking dinner tastes like fucking doughnuts", that would have been a great idea.

  11. I love any reference to the sexy new time...I swear one night I saw a Channel 9 ad that referred to Curb Your Enthusiasm being on at the sexy new time of 1am...

    Your late night comedy double...

  12. Thanks, Channel Nine!
    Remind me again why being up watching poorly scheduled comedy at 1am is sexy?

    Kath - Nothing. if you like beefy, beefy doughnuts.

  13. Spices stored above the stove deteriorate and become tasteless faster due to the heat generated by cooking and/or steam. Ditto spices stored on or near a sunny windowsill, a popular place for those tiny spice racks which first appeared in the 70's or thereabouts.
    Better you should learn to glance at the label of whichever jar you've grabbed before adding the contents to food.

  14. Who can't admit to making a few mistakes while cooking?

    My sister one day was trying to make mashed potato more interesting by adding food colour - she picked up the vanilla essence instead - painful eating.

    I tend to triple check all spices right at the last minute and in the end, it doesn't matter how much of one you put in; if it tastes funny, simply add more of another spice.


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